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Frozen Meat Suppliers

As we do not have slaughter houses here in Singapore, frozen meats can provide buyers with a greater peace of mind. Unlike the fresh counterparts, which are usually exposed at room temperature for prolong periods, our supplies are fast-freezed immediately to minimise any bacteria build-up.

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Liquor Suppliers

A great meal will be more satisfying when accompanied with a complimenting drink. We offer a uniquely curated list of wholesale liquor suppliers for your selection. Prepared to be dazzled with the assortment from a range of exotic locations.

Check out our wholesale liquor section.

Wine Suppliers

Whether you are a passionate wine drinker or you are getting it for that special occasion, our selection will please you. Our wholesale wine suppliers offer you a great selection with exclusive deals. Go ahead and pick your favourite from our list.

Check out our wholesale wine section.

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