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Unlike certain products in the market where flavours are usually being infused, our liqueur range is fermented and distilled directly from fruits. With the combination of rich red volcanic soils and natural spring water at the distillery, the fruits are organically grown without pesticide. The passion of the distillery owners has created an excellent brand that has garnered a range international awards.

Liqueur Catalogue

Passionate Happiness Pack (3 x 375ml each)

  • Coffee liqueur (20% alcohol/volume)
  • Chocolate liqueur (20% alcohol/volume)
  • Passionfruit liqueur (20% alcohol/volume)

7th Heaven Pack (3 x 375ml each)

  • Honeydew liqueur (20% alcohol/volume)
  • Waffle Toffee liqueur (20% alcohol/volume)
  • Vanilla liqueur (20% alcohol/volume)

Flora Blossom Pack (2 x 500ml each)

  • Hibiscus liqueur (20% alcohol/volume)
  • Violetta Violet liqueur (20% alcohol/volume)

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Drink Responsibly

We are committed to responsible drinking, which is why we advise that you should be above the legal drinking age before visiting this section. If you are of age, we will strongly suggest that you do not drive or operate any forms of machinery after drinking.

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