Wholesale Frozen Meat Delivery

Tantalising Chicken Chop
Make a nice tantalising chicken chop meal

We offer wholesale frozen meat direct from suppliers that supply to high-end restaurants, luxury hotels and quality cafes. By cutting away the different levels of distribution and high margins set by physical retail malls, you are able to get your frozen meat at a competitive wholesale price.

Frozen meat selections

We offer a good selection of meats such as beef, chicken, pork and shabu-shabu available for purchase. They cost about 50% less than what it would be when you buy from hypermarkets.

The Wholesale Club advantage

You can make purchases even if you are not a member of our club. However, you will get exclusive membership privileges when upon signing up. Here is what you will get to enjoy:

  1. Buy our items at supplier’s prices
  2. Minimum order at S$60 instead of S$70
  3. Free delivery (instead of S$20) for orders within Singapore
  4. Deliver on next working day (for orders made before 3pm)
  5. Receive invites to members-only events
  6. Get a S$20 voucher for your immediate purchase

Sign-up as a Wholesale Club member

Assurance on the quality of our frozen meat

Our supplier stores their meats at -18℃, a temperature that pauses many biological process and enzyme activities. It is also a great temperature that is not too cold to damage the meat tissues. Our wholesale frozen meat supplier are also accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council for the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certificate.