Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Tamborine Mountain Distillery LogoIn 1992, Michael Ward and his family moved from Tasmania to Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia, for a change of climate and lifestyle. They settled on a property with an abundance of fruit trees and decided to sell the fruits as a source of income. However, it was not long before they realised that their products do not meet market requirements because they do not use chemical sprays.

They ended up with too much fruit for a four person family and were determined to formulate a plan to make their small property productive. The fruits, being organic, would rot at an alarming rate if they are not consume within a short period. ‘Fermentation for the purpose of distillation’ became the primary goal and the small pot still was born.

Tamborine Mountain Distillery grew as a family business where Michael and his family would pick fruits, mulch trees, mash wort, crank the still, bottled and blend the liqueurs as part of their daily life.

They have won more than 300 international awards to date (April 2015) for being exceptional in taste and quality. The awards are

  • International Review of Spirits Competition (Chicago)
  • International Taste & Quality Institute (Belgium)
  • International Wine and Spirit Competition (London)
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition (United States)
  • International Spirits Awards (Germany)
  • World Spirits Awards (Austria)
  • China Wine & Spirit Awards (Hong Kong)
  • Gold Coast Business Excellence Tourism Awards (Australia)
  • Queensland Tourism Awards (Australia)
  • Beaudesert Shire Tourism (Australia)

Packages by Tamborine Mountain Distillery

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