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5 Amazing Chicken Recipes on the Internet

Soy ginger chicken recipe

Do you crave having an excellent meal of tender chicken that is full of bursting flavours? We do, and here are our pick of 5 amazing chicken recipes we found on the Internet.

1. How to bake chicken: The easiest, simplest method – by The Kitchn

Easiest and simplest baked chicken recipe
Baked chicken drumsticks and thighs – Image from The Kitchn

This recipe is a dead-simple way to cook chicken breasts, thighs, and drumsticks. You just need olive oil, salt, pepper and an oven to complete the simplest way to have a fabulous meal.

2. Citrus Chicken – by The Food Network

Citrus chicken recipe
Citrus Chicken – Image from Food Network

This recipe is for you if you like to add a tangy twist to your dish! You do, however, need at least 6 hours to marinate the chicken before cooking. Experiment with combining the marination process while defrosting the frozen chicken in the fridge to save time.

3. Soy-Ginger Chicken – by Martha Stewart

Soy ginger chicken recipe
Soy-ginger chicken drumstick – Image from Martha Stewart

We love this grandma’s style dish served with rice for dinner. The trick is to slow-cook the dish and allow it to absorb the specially prepared sauce. Savour each bite using the soy-ginger sauce as a gravy over the rice for the ultimate experience.

4. Caramel Chicken – by Epicurious

Caramel chicken recipe
Caramel chicken drumsticks and thighs – Image from Epicurious

A fantastic recipe for people who have a sweet tooth and cannot wait to eat desserts while having their main dish. We must recommend this as it is backed up by more than 40 excellent reviews.

5. Chef Secrets to Perfect Grilled Chicken, Every Time – by The Savory


The common issues with grilling chicken breast are that they are likely to either end up too dry or undercooked. The video gives you insider’s secrets to getting moist and juicy grilled chicken breasts, every time.

Share your chicken recipes with us

Let us know that we have made your mouth water and have encouraged you to jump right into the kitchen to prepare the dishes. You can also share your recipes with us via the following form. We will feature the best submissions in our upcoming post.

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